sewer line home inspection

Sewer Line Locating

Don’t know where your sewer line runs underground? We perform sewer and drain line locating service to locate your pipes. We also can locate exactly where a problem is in your sewer line.

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Sewer Pipe Locating Service

When your sewer line needs repairing or replacement, sometimes the only way to get the access to the sewer pipe is to excavate and make the repairs. In many cases, the exact location of the sewer line is not known or obvious. Even with blueprints it can be difficult to find the exact location of the line.

This is when you need a sewer locating service.

Using the state of the art technology, Proactive Sewer & Drain is able to locate sewer lines without tearing up your landscaping or sidewalk. We insert a camera into the sewer pipe through the sewer cleanout or other access point, and our sewer technicians use a hand held radio transmitter to pinpoint the exact location to dig. When you hire a experienced and professional sewer locating service, the job will get finished quickly, accurately, and will save you money by avoiding and digging mistakes.

By hiring Proactive Sewer & Drain to locate your sewage pipe, you can have peace of mind that your home gets the sewer work it needs done quickly, efficiently and correctly. Not only does Proactive use the latest technology to locate sewer lines, but we also have decades of experience replacing and repairing sewer lines. When you hire Proactive, both the sewer location service and the repairs can be completed by us.

Every day you spend trying to locate your sewer line is another day your household is forced to deal with sewer problems. Get the job done right the first time by calling Proactive Sewer & Drain for sewer locating services and to repair or replace any malfunctioning sewage pipes.